Book Review on
"Journey Through Medicine"

I am highly indebted to you for the coverage given to my book “Journey Through Medicine” in the Pulse International. It is a comprehensive and very complimentary review for which I am personally obliged to you. Hope to keep in touch.

Prof. M. Afzal Najeeb
Lahore. Pakistan.
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 Late Prof. Manzar Saleem

Dear Shaukat Sahib,

Thanks for write up about KOHIE Goth Hospital.  I would also like to thank you for the write up on late Prof. Manzar Saleem in your Off the Record Column published in July 1st 2016 issue of Pulse International under the title “ Intellectual Corruption”. THANKS ALSO FOR WRITING MANZAR SALEEM was a good man and died at as very young age. He was a person who took principle stands When  it is needed. He was a man of literature too and use to read Urdu literature with great interest. Off and I on I used to meet him and used to have small conversation about ongoing issues. Usually we used to agree as there can't be two opinion on principle issues regarding medical education, health system and corruption in our profession. He had clear views about powerful people and used to resist whatever way it was possible for him. Thanks again for remembering him and high lighting his services for the medical profession.

Dr. Shershah Syed
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 Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary Training
Scholarship for Junior Editors

This refers to your announcement establishing Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary Memorial Scholarship for training of Junior Editors on behalf of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences.

It is your magnanimity to pay tribute to Dr. Maqbool H. Jafary (late) with a productive step to train junior Editors and to sponsor their training with a reasonable stipend. This singular step may eventually pave the pathway to initiate M. Sc programme in Medical Journalism/Medical Editing. Dr. Jafary’s soul would feel consoled by such actions by lighting academic candles in his name. May Allah almighty bless you with innumerable blessings for this noble initiative.

Maj. Gen. (R ) Prof. Muhammad Aslam
MBBS,  M. Phil, Ph.D, FCPS
Vice Chancellor,
University of Health Sciences,
Lahore. Pakistan.

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