Pakistani Medical
Journals Impact Factor

Dear Shaukat Sahib,

We feel delighted to congratulate you on retaining the No. 1 position of having the highest Impact Factor among the Pakistani biomedical journals. This reflects the dedication and commitment that you have for promoting the art and science of medicine to improve healthcare. Your publications are also playing a critical role in encouraging constructive debates on controversial issues like ethics in medical journalism.

PharmEvo and your esteemed publications share the inseparable spirit of establishing ethics as the order of the day and we are hopeful that our hard work will keep bearing fruits.

Warm regards,

Haroon Qassim,
Managing Director,
PharmEvo Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd.
Karachi - Pakistan.

Congratulations for this success. Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences is a unique success story. It is amazing how will, commitment, hard work and dedication combined with skill of one man can achieve what big institutions with all their resources and man power can’t achieve. Sir I am honored to be part of your team.

Dr. Shahid Sarwar
Services Institute of
Medical Sciences,
Lahore - Pakistan.
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