Dr. Amjad Saqib and

This is to thank you for your very kind words about Akhuwat in your column “Off the Record” published in Pulse International of June 1st 2015. So grateful and delighted. This has inspired us to do even better. This publication in a prestigious magazine will help disseminate our message among the medical community. May Allah bless you for this great support.

Please find time to visit Akhuwat whenever you happen to visit Lahore. It will be privilege.

Dr. Amjad Saqib

Thanks for sharing your article on Karwan-e- Akhuwat and making this possible to get the message to many readers. I hope Akhuwat will continue getting your blessings.

Dr. Afzal Javed

An appreciation

I am honoured and pleased to receive your three books on Medical Writing as well as copies of Pulse International June 1, 2015 issue which contains a comprehensive report on Workshops on Medical Writing, Medical Editing and Peer Review which you conducted at SZMC Rahim Yar Khan. It's a privilege to have these books in ward library for any kind of reference or guide.

May Allah Almighty boosts your writing abilities and guides you to utilize it for the service of medical profession. Ameen

Thanks a lot and regards,

Prof. Tariq Mahmood Rehan
HOD Surgery and Director,
Dept. of Medical Education
Sheikh Zayed Medical College,
Rahim Yar Khan.
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Late Prof. Shaukat Ali Syed

We would like to thank Lt. Gen. Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar former Surgeon General Pakistan Army for remembering late Prof. Shaukat Ali Syed in his letter published in Pulse International June 1, 2015. Prof. Shaukat Ali Syed rightly deserved admiration and such an eulogizing remarks. His contributions to the discipline of cardiology cannot be over emphasized. One hopes some one from his colleagues will write a detailed obituary to record his enormous contributions to build the NICVD a state of the art tertiary cardiac care facility besides promotion of the discipline of cardiology in Pakistan.

Qaiser Rehman
ICON Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd.
Karachi. Pakistan.

Health Bureaucrats and a
combination of Tableegh & Speech

Dear Shaukat Bhai,

I happen to go through the “OFF THE RECORD” column of June 15, 2015 and found it quite interesting and revealing. The mention of Mr.Ayub Sheikh Federal Secretary, Ministry of Health Services, Regulation & Coordination was quite informative and impressive. I also endorse some of the characteristics depicted about him.

The most vital and significant point was the suggestion : "The ideal situation would be that the medical profession returns back to the Lecture Halls and Auditoriums of medical institutions for such academic activities from the Banquet Hall of Five Star Hotels. " This if adopted, can curb many ill practices in the medical profession. Dr Huma Qureshi ED of PMRC is also activating the National Bioethics Committee and I am fully supporting her.

The suggestion to compile list of Essential Drugs is timely and thought provoking. We shall welcome to receive your frank and factual opinion about health care sector in Pakistan.

Saeed Allawala Atco Laboratories (Pvt) Ltd.
Karachi. Pakistan.

 Barish Ka Pahla Qatra

So, all is not lost. We have some ray of hope in people like Mr. Farooq Ahmed Khan for making Cholistan Development Council of Pakistan and working not only for development of the region but also preserving its culture and moral values which is very important.

I have visited Bahawalpur about three times only for a Day each time in connection with my professional work but every time this city has fascinated me too much and I personally feel there is character and history in it, and today, when I read in Pulse International how “some” dedicated people are working to do “some” good to the place where they live—hats off.

It is high time each one of us (especially people of Karachi) must learn to do “something” for the place where we live and the country which has given us so much otherwise we will loose hopes also. Let me quote Maulana Ismail Meeruthi which I learnt in School in Grade-III

Qaiser Rehman
ICON Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd.
Karachi. Pakistan.

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