Revised Publication Policies by
Higher Education Commission
for Health Science Journals

I read with interest your editorial on the above mentioned topic in latest issue of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences i.e. January-February 2020. Very nice. I agree with the plight of the X- category journals and the remedies that you have described. This micro-management is too much.

Prof. Saba Sohail
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Karachi. Pakistan.

I read the above mentioned editorial which is a wonderful piece of writing indeed, very timely and very pertinent. It is an eye opener for all the stakeholders including HEC. You are playing a pivotal role for the uplift and survival of Journalology in Pakistan. You are a beacon of hope for this field in our country. I have full faith that your efforts will inshallah come to fruition. May Allah grant you long and healthy life full of happiness and prosperity, Aameen.

Col. Muhammad Alamgir Khan
Professor of Physiology
Deputy Director,
Medical Education
Army Medical College, National University of Medical Sciences,
Rawalpindi - Pakistan.

It is an excellent analysis

Prof. Umar Ali Khan,
Pro Vice chancellor,
Health Sciences,
Isra University, Islamabad.

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