Professional Ethics and Professional
Specialty Organizations

I read with interest your scathing but heartfelt report about (Professional Ethics and Professional Specialty Organizations), instances you observed of blatant unethical activities connected to Pharma industry and physician collusion during the recent Pakistan Cardiac Society conference in Faisalabad. It is also a  fact that similar practices also continue within other medical specialty associations. Distressing as this is, I took heart at the number of healthcare professionals you also identify who oppose such practices and are taking active steps to stem these.

In our bioethics programs in CBEC we too are seeing an increasing number of healthcare professionals who are disgusted at this "selling" of the medical profession and are initiating changes within their own institutions. So there are signs of positive changes in Pakistan, albeit not as rapidly as we would wish. In any case, those who wish the medical profession to return to its honorable origins rather than continue its descent into a commercial venture must continue this fight, in words and through their deeds.

Prof. Farhat Moazam
Karachi. Pakistan.
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