An Appreciation

I have gone through the latest issue of Pulse International of December 15th 2012. Off the Record column in this issue is based on a story which I had narrated to you during your recent visit to Baqai Medical University in connection with the Day-1 Function at the university. I am proud of your friendship and through this column you have conveyed the message which I meant in a beautiful manner. Please accept my congratulations.
You started this column with a couplet, which has tempted me to share with you the following two couplets:

I always pray for your success and health of your family.

Lt.Gen. (R) Syed Ahzar Ahmed,
Prof. Emeritus,
Baqai Medical University,
Karachi. Pakistan.

 Students Research Day 
at Hamdard University

We very much appreciate the coverage given to Hamdard University Student Research Day Seminar held on 2nd January 2013 in the recent issue of Pulse International January 15th2013. The Your write-up is detailed one and you have taken pain not to miss anything. You have faithfully highlighted the positive as well as the shortcoming of the presentations. Your presence at the seminar, as one of the honorable Judge member of the panelist, was a source of great encouragement to all of us.
I would also like to thank you for sending me few books. Medical Writing Booklet is a very useful publication for new entrants as well as old guards. I am circulating the booklet to all concerned, faculty as well as postgraduates, so as to make them aware of the availability of the book. The book will also be kept in the library.
We would also like to thank you for presenting a copy of this Booklet on Medical Writing to the participants of the student research seminar.
Book on Medical Cartoons is hilarious and one can decipher the images and the message with a little background history.
We very much value your feedback and advice.

Prof. Dr. Zakiuddin G Oonwala
MBBS, FRCS (Ed.), FICS (Hon.),
Dean, Faculty of Health &
Medical Sciences, Hamdard University,
Karachi. Pakistan.

An Appreciation

I was glad to receive a copy of Pulse International some times back. Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. Pulse has improved a lot congratulations for keeping such a high standard. It is your hard work.

Dr. Habibullah
Consultant Psychiatrist
Lahore, Pakistan.

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