Don’t push your
opponents to the wall

This refers to your recent column in Off the Record in Pulse International of 1st July 2019 which is very interesting and thought provoking. This is what is usually happening in every department and all institutions of Pakistan. There is lack of tolerance and acceptability and poor coordination amongst colleagues. Team spirit is missing. It is not bad to look at the past and learn from follies committed by our seniors. After all they were humans as well. But the internal power struggle leading to personal vendetta & promotion of vested interests is certainly undesirable. It damages the system and destroys their dignity of institution. It hinders the progress & development.

In such past murky history there are some shining spots which throw light on brighter sides. I think longer stay at key posts and repeated opportunities to the same person should be avoided. It kills incentive to development and disheartens juniors. This applies to all institutions including CPSP, PMDC, PMA and even professional bodies of clinicians. It can be one of the reason for their decline.

Let me correct some parts of your story as I worked in Health Department & Health Secretariat at that time. Firstly, all bureaucrats are same in nature particularly when it comes to their supremacy and authority in technical matters. Not familiar with technicalities of Health System and knowing nothing but exerting their power and posing as “Mr. Know It All” Mr. Pervaiz Masood was very close to the house of Sharif’s. He was intelligent and out spoken but then there were many cases wherein things were not so transparent in those days in the health department when he was Health Secretary. Please remember that almost all of the secretaries and most of clinical professors had always very cordial relations as both benefit from each other. That`s why in sarcasm some teachers in the past were labelled as ‘urocrates’!

Prof. Ijaz Ahsan was a gentleman and upright person. The cause of his resignation was a bit different. The daughter of a Senior Executive of PTV was studying in Baqai Medical College newly established at Karachi. Her father wanted her migration from Baqai to KEMC Lahore. It was the desire of some federal guns conveyed through Mian Manzoor Wattoo Chief Minister Punjab to Secretary Health of Mr. Khalil Bhatti. The latter was a PCS Officer and a class fellow of C.M Punjab. Chief Minister as special favour relaxed the rules on the advice of Secretary Health and allowed the first migration of its kind in Punjab. Dr. Ijaz Ahsan objected to it for various reasons. He was on the verge of retirement. So he thought it better to resign six months earlier from service. Later he joined as Principal in a Private Medical College with very lucrative perks. He defended and pleaded its case at all forums.

This private college was part of a degree awarding university. It had long fight with PMDC and higher courts regarding quality of medical education & quantity of students admitted each year. I may add that the examples quoted by you are good but in fact there is other side of the story as well. For their personal gain our teachers are so humble, obedient and courteous as the bureaucracy is itself most obedient servant to the ruler of time!

Dr. S. Anwaar Ahmad Bugvi
Chief Executive / M.S
Al-Khidmat Teaching Hospital Mansoorah, Lahore.

Note: I stand by each and every word in that report as many medical personalities mentioned in various incidents reported in this column are still alive and can confirm this. Migration of a student from a public sector medical college to another public sector medical college is understandable but from a private medical college to public sector institution was wrong. Prof. Ijaz Ahsan did the right thing to oppose it and resign rather than becoming a party to such unethical practices - Chief Editor

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Prof. Emeritus Lt. Gen .
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