Plight of a Medical Editor-

An autobiography

I am sorry to acknowledge the receipt of your wonderful autobiography “Plight of a Medical Editor” as   i was on summer vacation. This book really surprised me on the hidden talent in you. It must be wonder of the world to achieve such a position in the field of medical journalism starting from a scratch. The more I read this book the more I admire you. I must be very lucky to have met such a wonderful & living legend like you. I am still reading this wonder book  but could not control myself to pay gratitude on your achievement.   It must be piece of literature presentable any where in the world to inspire the youth and medical professionals. God Almighty bless you.

Prof.Tariq Rehan,
Director Medical Education
Professor of surgery & Head of Surgery,
SZMC, Rahimyar Khan.
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Thank you very much for sending your Autobiography “Plight of a Medical Editor” as well as your other book "Thought Provokers". I did not write to you earlier as I wanted to read the book before commenting on it. I have read almost 3/4 of the book. It reminded me of our first meeting along with my friend and class fellow Late Dr. Maqbool Jafary and Professor Iqbal about 35 years ago. I have keenly followed your writings in “Pulse” International, specially "Off The Record" since you started Medical publications.

Your book is an excellent account of "Pakistani Dream". As you know they talk about " American Dream" in United States but I  wish we can have more people follow the" Pakistani Dream", as you have done in your life, which is so aptly described in your  excellent book. May Allah keep you in good health and you continue to serve the medical profession, and more young people follow in your footsteps.

Dr. Naeemul Haque
Consultant Endocrinologist
Aga Khan University Hospital,
Karachi - Pakistan

Thank you for sending me your autobiography, I have scanned through a few pages and find it very interesting and enjoyable. I am sure it will be excellent to read completely.

Prof Ambreen Usmani
MBBS, MPhil-Anatomy, MCPS-HPE, PGD-Bioethics
Professor & HOD, Anatomy
Dep Director, Med Education
Bahria University Medical and Dental College

It gives me immense pleasure t thank you for your wonderful gift, your latest book “ Plight of a Medical Editor” an autobiography. It is really remarkable book which is clearly representing your great work, efforts and attention to write this book at the highest level of achievement. I am sure this book will be very useful both for the medical students as well as healthcare professionals and would be an asset for the library I would also like to  appreciate your outstanding efforts and congratulate you and those who reviewed this book. Please accept my best wishes for continuing success.

Prof. Umar Ali Khan
Pro Vice Chancellor
Isra University,
Lehtar Road,  Farash Town, Phase-II
Islamabad - Pakistan.

Many thanks for sending me a copy of your latest book “Plight of a Medical Editor” an autobiography. It is indeed a piece of history and once you start reading it, it is impossible to stop without finishing this.

I am personally grateful to you for mentioning my name and acknowledging some of my work in the book. It was honestly a pleasant surprise (although it is very rare to get such remarks from our own professional colleagues!). I also told my wife about your memories for your visit to our place in Edinburgh back in 1987-8 and she was equally impressed  for remembering this and quoting in your autobiography.

I am sending a short write up about the book and would like to quote from Munir Niazi  that fits very correctly to your struggle and life story.


Thanks again and all my prayers and best wishes for your future life and vision for making a change in the profession!

Dr. Afzal Javed
Consultant Psychiatrist
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I am pleased to receive a precious gift of an autobiography titled “Plight of a Medical Editor”. In this regard, I want to extend a heart-felt thank you for this gesture of courtesy and I express my best prayers for success of our efforts in bringing out quality books. I am fully confident that you are capable of even more outstanding achievements by the grace of God Almighty.

On behalf of Dow University of Health Sciences, I appreciate your efforts and work for the profession of Medical Journalism.

Prof. Masood Hameed Khan
Vice Chancellor
Dow University of Health Sciences,
Karachi - Pakistan.

Thank you so much for a copy of your autobiography “Plight of a Medical Editor”. Although I have known you since 1979, but till today I was unaware of several facets of your personality. I went through your book in one go and found myself richer in many ways. I salute you for your resolute struggle, perspicuous character and sincerity of purpose. May God Almighty bless you throughout your future life? Ameen.

Prof. Tahir Saeed Haroon FRCP, FCPS
Lahore – Pakistan.

Thanks for your precious gift of “Plight of a Medical Editor” an autobiography. It contains lot of medical history but I wonder how you manage to do all these time consuming, difficult tasks.

Prof. Zaman Sheikh
Prof. of Medicine,
Sir Syed Institute of Medical Sciences,
Karachi - Pakistan.

Thank you so much for sending me your books. I went through them and read a few pages and was very impressed.” Plight of a Medical Editor” an autobiography makes an interesting reading. I am immensely impressed in particular with one of the chapters where you wrote about your children and how proud you are ! Dr. Masood Jawaid is no doubt a very talented doctor and his personality reflects your exemplary upbringing. We as children must understand parent's value and respect them accordingly. What we  have become today is a result of our parent’s prayers. This is the main reason I did not go abroad and am trying my best to serve my parents.

I wish you all the best. Please remember me in your prayers.

Dr. Fahd Haroon
Karachi X-Rays
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Thank you very much for sending me your autobiography “Plight of a Medical Editor”. It was really a pleasant surprise to receive this very interesting and thoughtful book. I am thankful to you for considering me as a potential reader of your excellent book.

I started reading this book from chapters 43, 4 and two, which shed light on your personal life. I read the chapters to my family who were all impressed by learning about your highly educated doctors-family. I was particularly amused to read your story of getting scholarship from President Ayub Khan. We also enjoyed reading about your family traditions and various travels abroad. Off course, this book is not yet complete and I shall continue to read it chapter by chapter. Your commitment and dedication to your family has many important lessons particularly for the younger professionals who undermine family and parents for the sake of their career.

I would also like to add few words about your professional and tireless affiliation with medical journalism. I wish that other Pakistani journalists also maintain the quality and standards like Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences. I believe that the profession of a medical editor is extremely important as well as demanding. In reality, the medical scientific community relies on the medical journals to show-case their research output. Publishing good quality research is also strategic position at the scientific publishing, as you display/publish the quality of medical research being produced in Pakistan and in the world. Hence, scientific journal’s editors have a great responsibility to be fair, unbiased and professional.

It is just a friendly and collegial complement that it is very difficult to find such a traditional and scientifically meticulous person like you these days. I pray to Allah that you continue to serve longer and longer to the scientific society and the Nation.

Dr. Sajid Malik
Associate Professor
Quaid-i-Azam University,
Islamabad - Pakistan.

Thank you for letting us know the story of your life by sending us the book “Plight of a Medical Editor”. There are three very strong reasons to make this book valuable. You have Proven that:

  1. When there is a WILL there is a WAY, as you have successfully taken care of all the “odds” that came your way, completed your studies and lived your life the “way you wanted it” Not only this you took care of your parents, brothers and sisters, and looked after the family by making clear guidelines. Thus, through your deeds you have proven that still human being exists. We think God must be happy that “this man I created is a human being in the true sense “When Allah pushes you up to the edge of difficulty, trust HIM fully, “because only two things can happen: either HE will catch you when you fall or HE will teach you how to fly”.
  2. When you respect yourself, others will respect you, we saw the “Dabang” & “Jeedar” Shaukat Ali Jawaid when you wrote on page 114 of your book, “Honesty and professional integrity was my most effective weapon and nobody could ever dare to challenge it”. How many of us these days can claim so… Hats off to you for upholding honesty, truth hard work and professionalism, that’s the reason you have so rightyearned respect from ALL who know you, especially the most elite class of our society, the healthcare professionals..
  3. Honesty is the best policy(we learned in school), thanks for refreshing this lesson and believes me we feel happy that we have “somebody” who talks about honesty. You have proven that if you combine honesty, use your sense, your goodness, your education, your values, you end-up in making a human being like Shaukat Ali Jawaid, otherwise, as some poet has said:

Last, but not the least the cover of the book very clearly shows the “real” good “you” as looking at the cover one unconsciously says “all the goodness in him is showing in this sketch”…! Thanks for the person who has done full justice in drawing. Our thanks and regards for your beloved wife who is an integral part of your success, and would like to end with (my) favorite line; “Behind every successful man there is a woman.”!

Qaiser Rehman
For Icon Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd
Karachi - Pakistan.


 SAFES Summit Proceedings

Thank you for publishing the SAFES Summit proceedings in your esteemed paper Pulse  International and forwarding the link to me. Yesterday I also  received a copy of your autobiography “Plight of a Medial Editor”  by post. I truly appreciate the fact that you always remember me.

Prof. Hajera Mahtab
BIRDEM, Dhaka,
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Annual Clinical Audit of Orthopaedic
& Spine unit at GTTH

Thank you very much for a comprehensive report on annual clinical audit of Orthopaedic and Spine Unit at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital. We are indeed grateful to you for your continuous support and encouragement to us. We shall Insha-Allah keep on doing our very best for the poor people of Pakistan and providing the state of the art facilities and excellent training programme for the orthopaedic trainees of Pakistan.

I also got your book “Plight of a Medical Editor” an autobiography. It is indeed inspirational and I am indebted to you for having me on your mailing list.

Prof. Amer Aziz FRCS, FCPS
Dept. of Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery
Ghruki Trust Teaching Hospital,
Lahore - Pakistan.

Let us learn some lessons

from Bangladesh

This refers to your column “Off the Record” entitled “Let us learn some lessons from Bangladesh” published in August 1st 2015 issue of Pulse International. I have just gone through the above discourse. You have hit the nail on the head! Congratulations! We need to look at our conscience and act accordingly.

Prof. Hajera Mahtab
BIRDEM, Dhaka.s
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Indigenous production of Interferon

and Hepatitis Medications

This refers to the press report (July 3) of the President of Pakistan’s order to the authorities to register the new oral drug brand used for the treatment of Hepatitis C, available at the price of approximately rupees 400 per tablet, dose once a day – the other brand of this drug registered by another company costs approximately rupees 2000 per tablet. Of course this step would benefit a segment of the population who could afford rupees 12000 per month cost of this drug plus other expenses. This is a good step, provided the company selling the drug satisfies “ The Drug Regulatory authorities” about the drugs suitably regarding efficacy safety and other parameters. I would like to draw the attention of the President and Govts of Pakistan that the Pakistan scientist Prof Dr Razi ud Din was on a project preparing interferon- 2 ab needed for the treatment of hepatitis C costing only rupees 400 a month which has not been allowed to develop  as reported in the press. The recent one was a comprehensive report on this indigenous production of economically priced Interferon by Mr.Shaukat  Ali Jawaid the Chief Editor of fortnightly ‘Pulse’ International  while the cost of the available interferon 2-ab is rupees 5000 to 6000 per month. It is an established fact that Pakistan’s 40% population lives below poverty line another 20% touches or is just above the poverty line.

It is also reported that 15% of the population is destitute- Recent report from International agencies say that 15 persons die daily due to starvation within Pakistan, there are areas terribly afflicted with poverty. Baluchistan is one province- FATA, Southern Punjab, rural Sindh and many other areas have extremely poor population. It would be immensely helpful if the President and the Government facilitate Prof Razi ud Din to produce this drug for the benefit of poor population affected with hepatitis C.

Likewise many “Essential Drugs” recommended by the WHO for the common people of Pakistan should be made available to the people of Pakistan at all times and at all places. By definition an essential drug implies an effective, efficacious, relatively safe, affordable, cost-effective drug fulfilling the needs of the majority of population i.e. over 85% (mainly the poor people). Pakistan has the singular doubtful distinction of a country where many of these drugs are not available at many places and at many times. These drugs are available even in the SAARC countries even supplied free of cost to the poor people. The President is requested to look into this humanitarian problem afflicting the poor people of Pakistan

Lt Gen Prof Emeritus
Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar
Former Surgeon General Army/DGMS-IS

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