PAME Third National
Conference 2016

This is just to say thanks for arranging such a wonderful event and great support. For us PAME IS SHAUKAT JAWAID AND SHAUKAT JAWAID IS PAME.Your support for PAME is vital, especially in this early phase of infancy and PAME could not achieve its current status and recognition without your whole hearted, dedicated and unconditional selfless support.Almighty Allah may grant you more respect and more strength to serve the Nation.

Long live and have a healthier life.

My deep regards to you Sir.

Dr. Akhtar Sherin
Vice President, EMAME 
Ex-President, Pakistan Association of Medical Editors (PAME)
Managing Editor
: Khyber Medical University Journal (KMUJ) 

Common mistakes made by the 
presenters at medical conferences

I want to thank you very much for Off the Record Colum “Common mistakes made by the presenters at medical conferences” published in  Pulse International in April 1, 2016 issue. It makes an interesting reading. It would be great if you could kindly write it with more details in Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences and I would be the first to read it.

Dr. Younis Skaik
FuhrbergerStrasse 13
30625, Hannover

Essential Drugs List

I have read with great interest Dr. Inam- ul Haq’s comments in response to Prof A. J. Khan’s communication published in the PULSE International in connection with your autobiography “Plight of a Medical Editor”. Dr. Inam has spent his life-time in the Ministry of Health as the ‘Drug Controller’ etc.

I may add that the 1st Essential Drugs list was prepared in 1987 when Prof. A.J. Khan was the DG Health. Two WHO representatives came from Geneva, Dr Inam was the secretary of the committee and I as the Clinical Pharmacologist/DG Medicine(Chief Physician) of the Armed Forces prepared the ‘Essential Drugs list. I had to work for a long time because it was the first list prepared keeping in view Pakistan’s local requirements.

Alas there was no implementation of this list. Later Gen Zia ul Haq in a speech said “I would request Prof. A. J. Khan (DG Health) to introduce the use of “Essential Medicines” (words in Urdu /DastBadast). I vividly remember Prof. A.J. Khan got extremely concerned- called me to discuss list’s implementation in the Federal institutions- provinces etc. The list was of course working in the Armed Forces under my care.

A few days later General Zia ul Haq died in the “plane crash” and that was the end of the 1st Essential medicines list i.e. “Not implemented”  Pakistan’s main devastating malignant disease- non- implementation.

Later Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto assumed power. Prof. Imdad Baloch (ENT Specialist) and later Prof. Nek Mohd. Sheikh (Surgeon) became D.Gs. Again this Essential Drugs List was revised twice and the 3rd- comprehensive one prepared in 1994 when Prof Nek Mohd. Sheikh was the DG Health. You (Shaukat Ali Jawaid) were present in the meeting at the NIH- over 100 doctors attended from all over Pakistan institutions, associations under my chairmanship(expert panel) -the WHO Reps attended. You published a lengthy column in the ‘DoctorInternationalthe previous title of your Publication’ appreciating my contribution.

In the article “Essential Medicines”, the story of corruption and betrayal of peoplewas published in the PULSE International. I have written many articles. (Doctor, Pulse, Newsletter, Network of Rational use of Medication, Network of Consumers association, Newspapers etc). You wrote in your article and DG Health in the foreword to Essential Medicines list publication of my leading role in making the list of 1994. As mentioned by Dr. Inam ul Haq in his article that I had to do single handedly horses work of registration/deregistration of medicines due to my expertise in Clinical Pharmacology/Clinical Therapeutics/Medicine for decades.

Pakistan is having one of the highest death tolls in all the age groups and according to the recent statistics published in the ‘Lancet’ the highest still birth rate in the world. One of the major factors is the non- availability of affordable life- saving “Essential Medicines”- the only country in the world with this dubious distinction.

You have made unique contribution to the health care profession. You are doing a commendable service to the medical profession, Health carers and patients by providing the print media for dissemination of professional information, news awareness, continued medical education, publications, detailed and comprehensive coverage of medical conferences, seminars and symposia  etc., – indeed a monumental service/ contribution. There are many journals in Pakistan but they do not even publish abstracts from the current medical literature to update the health care professionals- as is done in other countries by publications like the JAMA etc. The publication of abstracts of the recent advancements will help in updating and continued medical education of doctors which is very important but badly neglected in our country with a few exceptions. All these things can be done as I did during my senior tenures in the Armed Forces where there is a will- there is a way.

Prof. Emeritus Lt. Gen. Mahmud Ahmad Akhtar
Former Surgeon General Army
Principal Army Medical College, Rawalpindi. Pakistan.

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